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Fisher-Price Little People vs. my toilet

Being a parent provides endless entertainment, especially if you happen to be the mother of a rambunctious and curious toddler. Of course, none of this compares to the plumbing mishaps we’ve endured as result of the potty training process.

Before we started potty training, keeping my son away from the toilet was a fairly simple process. We kept the bathroom door closed at all times, neatly equipped with a childproof lock. Now that we’re trying to encourage him to go to the bathroom by himself, however, we need to keep the doors open. While we haven’t had much success on the actual potty training yet, he’s discovered it’s tons of fun to flush toilet paper, shampoo caps, makeup brushes, spare change, and assorted Happy Meal toys down the toilet. Occasionally, he tries to be helpful and uses the toilet plunger to fix his own mistakes. But, as you can expect, this usually results in an even bigger mess for Mommy and Daddy to pick up.

On one particularly cold winter day, my son was bored and looking for ways to amuse himself. Once tired of the television and his train set, he disappeared into the bathroom. The phone rang, I got distracted, and my toilet was hopelessly clogged before I knew it.

Since I tend to panic easily and I wanted my bathroom back as soon as possible, I called the plumber. I remembered my good friend using them when her son had a similar mishap. He came right over, thanked me for not attempting to fix it myself by using Drano, and used something called an augur snake to dislodge a Fisher-Price Little People figurine that surprisingly looked none the worse for the wear.

The whole process, including my profuse apologies for not keeping a better eye on my little angel, took less than an hour. It was a bit more expensive than my budget would have liked, although still very reasonable considering the prompt service and the fact that prices in the Midwest are generally lower than other areas.