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How to become a Plumber

Plumbers may get short shrift when it comes to TV but the less-than-intelligent stereotype is simply not true. A plumber has to go through a rigorous training program in order to be licensed. While individual state laws vary, what in general does a plumber have to do to become a master plumber?

How to Become a Plumber: Plumbing Skills

My Home Water Supply

Reviewed By:
R. Dodge Woodson

Your home’s water supply system and plumbing seems like a complete mystery to most of us. Fortunately, we can simply open a faucet and water magically appears. Unfortunately, there are times when you need to know about the mysteries of your water supply system. Here are some of the key factors you should know.

Home Water Supply System

Know your Faucets

We use faucets a dozen times a day without ever really thinking about them. That’s not a big deal until there’s a problem and we need to get them fixed. Knowing a little bit about how faucets work puts you in a better position when a problem arises.

Sometimes you can fix them on your own and sometimes you’ll need to call a professional plumber; knowing which way is the route to go can help save you both time and money.

The Power of PEX Tubing

Written By:
R. Dodge Woodson

What is so special about PEX tubing? Isn’t it just a plastic plumbing pipe? It’s not that Polybutylene tubing which spurred so many class-action lawsuits, is it? Slow down. PEX is not the Polybutylene that took a bad rap a few years ago. PEX is a hybrid, and it’s a cross-linked Polybutylene tubing. Yes, it’s plastic, but PEX offers numerous advantages to metallic water-distribution piping systems.